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Rosebell’s is a specialist recruitment agency, specialising in the placing of Engineering and Technical staff. 

The company was born out of the need to support enterprises and institutions through efficient procurement of quality candidates and good service. Candidates are sourced through a network of institutions allowing us to have access to a growing database of top quality candidates in the technical arena.

Our knowledge and skill together enables us to offer a comprehensive service. Our ability to manage, recruit and placements is one of our strengths in the market today. We regard business as long-term continual, mutually beneficial working relationship with our clients.

The company prides itself in the following virtues:
  • Holistic approach to supplying best products.
  • Qualified personnel.
  • Professional Competence.
  • Quality and client satisfaction.
  • Personal attention by directors and management.

Full – Cycle Recruitment Strategies
Helping management to focus on their core strengths, as opposed to wasting productive time on wading through.

Outsourced Project Teams and Labour broking
Ensuring optimal resourcing while reducing the responsibility associated with HR related matters and project delivery.

Advertising Response handling
Provides a lower-cost option to companies that still require the luxury a focused recruitment agency provides them with.

Candidate Searching and Head-Hunting
Ethical acquisition of critical but sensitive and scares skills whilst paying particular attention to your company culture.

Competency Based Interviewing Strategy
Focusing on a candidate’s potential to deliver in a specific environment as opposed to his past duties.
Confidential Candidate Referencing
Providing accurate candidate backgrounds, based on their conduct at previous place of employment.
Psychometric and Aptitude Testing
Enabling the client to obtain an empirical and scientific opinion on the candidate and his/her potential.

Background Checks
Criminal and qualification checks, as well as ID and drivers license verifications, enabling clients to obtain as auditable, third-party history of the candidate.

Our highly trained and experienced consultants each focus in a wide range industry, creating a high level of understanding the market within which we operate at the same time emphasizing our ability to deliver.

We have a dedicated team of researchers with highly qualified HR member of staff.

As a result of this focus approach, Rosebell’s is able to offer the highest standard of consultative and recruitment expertise to clients and candidates, thus facilitating and developing long team, mutually beneficial business relationship.  

All our solutions have been developed in the real working environment.

Rosebell’s has dealt with and adapted its services for delivery in locations ranging from corporate boardrooms to remote construction sites.

The objectives is to provide clients with practical and proven interventions at the specific location.

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