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Rosebells labour hire brokers is a division of Rosebells Trading cc, a wholly black owned company duly incorporated in accordance with the laws of South Africa. Rosebells labour hire brokers was born out of Rosebells Trading cc, In response to clients demands for such a service. Rosebells labour hire brokers operates as a separate business unit specializing in the provision of temporary and contract staff across the board.

The guiding philosophy of the company is to offer an innovative service that is customer oriented. The employment of staff in South Africa in a legal mine field that needs to be treated carefully. We are at our client’s service to provide them with a legally compliant service that is not only efficient but also reliable. The image we want our clients to have of our service is cantered on providing a service that is:

  • Professional   
  • Efficient
  • Reliable
  • Consistent
  • Friendly
  • Dependable
The needs of our clients are our prime consideration. We want to be seen by our clients as their resourcing partners. In this vein we go of our way to understand the exact nature of our client’s needs to enable us to tailor our services to meet the specific needs and requirements of each of our clients.

The world labour markets are forever changing. One aspect that has seen a phenomenal growth in the last decade is outsourcing of certain functions not directly related to the core business of the organization. To become more competitive, organizations are now Following the global trends where only those employees that are essential and required throughout the year are employed as permanent or on long term contract. The balance of the organization manpower needs are then sourced from labour brokers as and when the needs arises depending on the seasonal fluctuation in the demand of manpower.

The major benefits to be derived from making use of our service is that you get all your human resources requirement without the attendant hassles of managing the employees. All aspects of the human resources management become our burden and the client can concentrate on the more important aspect of running their business profitability.

If you decide to make use of our services, we shall relieve you of the burden of human resources management. In servicing your needs we shall provide you with the following Services.

  • We shall ensure that all employees assigned to work at your operation have the necessary skills to complete the duties required of them. (Recruitment and selection)
  • We shall ensure that all employees assigned to you are our employees and as their Employer we shall administer their terms and conditions of employment in accordance with the relevant legislation. (Human resources administration and industrial relation)
  • We shall ensure that all our employees assigned to our clients confirm to the Procedures and policies in place at our clients operations.
  • We shall be responsible for the remuneration of all our employees at our clients. (Payroll administration)


Rosebells labour hire brokers runs a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week service. We
Adhere to the working hours laid down by the basic conditions of employment act, bargaining councils and trade union collectives agreements in country.


Worker Identification

We issue each registered worker with Rosebells labour hire brokers identity cards. The card hold a black and white photograph of the worker concerned, his national identity number, and his Rosebells labour hire brokers registration number


Rosebells labour hire brokers provides all its temporary and contract workers with necessary  protective wear for the job function they are to perfume, for example: two piece grey conti-suit, t-shirt, boiler suits, specialised fabric suits for hazardous chemical products, rain suits, hard hart, safety boots, goggles ear plugs, etc.Each  piece of equipment and safety wear is clearly marked with Rosebells labour brokers name so that the worker is clearly distinguished as an employee of Rosebells labour hire brokers different colored uniform/safety wear are provided where appropriate. A provision cost on an hourly basis is generally made within the costing for the supply of safety wear. Alternatively you may prefer to provide the contract worker with protective wear yourselves.


It is essential that you proved Rosebells labour hire brokers with a detailed job description for all job categories to enable Rosebells hire brokers in conjunction with yourselves to establish the key performance elements of each job. These job description will be made part of the contractual agreement between Rosebells hire labour brokers and workers.

Rosebells hire labour has a number of key recruitment standards when screening and employing new working to ensure quality staff. Some keys issues are as follows

  • Contract workers South African citizens and in possessions of and accepted only they are able to produce a permanent residence certificate or confirmation of it printed in Passport.
  • Must apply contactable telephone and address of relative not living with him.
  • Must be visually, physically fit and not respond in the affirmative to the health problems listed on the application form.
  • Must be able to speak and understand English. Those candidates with matric are preferred.
  • No criminal record of theft, violence, assault, murder or abuse of substances.
  • References must confirm clear record in the following: drinking, drug habits, shortages, theft, and preventable accidents.
  • Never been dismissed for reasons, which would affect his work performance.
  • No apparent, poor attitude displayed in terms of completion of  forms and tests, nor treatment of recruitment officers.
  • Current valid drivers license in the category in which the driver is to operate the vehicle.
  • Current valid forklift permit or professional driving permit in the category in which the driver is to operate a forklift.
  • Current valid public driving permit or professional driving permit in the category which the driver is to operate his vehicle.
  • Code 10 drivers and forklift operators must have a minimum 6 months driving experience acquired within the last 9 months in the license category they are to drive.
  • Code 14 drivers must have minimum one-year experience acquired in the last 18 months in his license category.
  • Successful drivers must pass general knowledge test applicable to his category,
  • No record of endorsement of licence.     
Should you have any further standards specifically related to different job requirements to be addressed, Rosebells labour brokers will be pleased to include them. You may also wish to adapt the above to meet with your own standards.  

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